Cosplay Maakie is a real Cosplayer and is coming to the Heroesdome. She already has visited many conventions (including Yashincon, Tomocon and Nishicon)  to spread her knowledge of anime, comics and pop-culture.

Cosplay: Buy, Alter or Make It Yourself
Both novice as well as advanced cosplayers are faced with the difficult choice of which materials to buy, which parts to adjust and which parts you have to make entirely yourself. Maakie will tell you about all the pros and cons of these decisions during one of her lectures at the Heroesdome!

Fake Is Sad Panel
FakeIsSad is a European initiative to get rid of unofficial (bootleg) merchandise in convention dealer areas. They work with a team of experts in the merchandise field as well as industry professionals and IP-holders to make sure the customers are able to buy official merchandise only and thus support the original artists and studios. Their goal is not only support the professionals working in these products but also to make sure safety is uphold and thus preventing harm to come to visitors, by for instance making sure special cosplay-lenses are safe to use.

In this panel FakeIsSad members will discuss all the different kinds of fake items you can encounter while buying items related to your hobby.