Freddie Mercury is the all time favorite hero of Edger Hamer (1966). After his father took him to his first Queen-concert at the age of ten Hamer collected as much as he could on the British band. As a journalist but mostly as a fan he wrote decades later two unique books on Queens adventures in Holland.

The nowadays very much seeked for collector’s item Voor Queen en Vaderland (2006) and most recently Fans will be friends (2016). For this second part (480 pages!) which took him 6 years to write due to extensive research (he spent months in all kinds of archives) he interviewed Dutch Queen-fans, stage and cameracrew members, EMI PR executives and many more. He also found Dutch contracts (even one from 1974!), EMI orderforms, flighttickets, trainschedules of a PR tour, tour schedules, technical riders, illustrations on the band, over 60 Dutch magazine and newspaper covers with Queen, 70 advertisments on Queen in Dutch magazines and newspapers and much more.

The book also contains a complete concertsection on al the Dutch shows. Hamer will be signing his limited edition book and as a member of the Dutch Queen Fanclub, he can also tell you everything of their activities.