Heroesdome proudly announces Elvis “The King” Presley will come to the Netherlands with an exclusive European exhibition. If ├ínybody doesn’t need an introduction, it is The King Of Rock ‘n Roll. He melted country with R & B, mixed it with the up-tempo of rockabilly, and replaced the classical piano with a guitar. This fusion of multi-ethnic influences came together with the unparalleled energy of his stage performances and it made him extremely popular and controversial at the same time.

Presley is the only artist recorded in six musical Halls of Fame, namely the Rock and Roll, Rockabilly, Country, Blues, Gospel and since 2015 in the R & B Music Hall of Fame.

In collaboration with the official “ElvisMatters” fanclub, Elvis Presley now comes to the Heroesdome, where a unique composition of memorabilia will be on show, including stage suits, guitars, signed contracts, Las Vegas concert items, the karate suit of Elvis and much more!