HEROESDOME press registration has been opened for (radio / TV) journalists, bloggers & vloggers, reviewers, photographers etc. who are all interested in giving Heroesdome attention, in writing or in visual form.

Priority will be given to press who have already written, posted, broadcasted about Heroesdome.

Press registration and accreditation for HEROESDOME 2018 has been opened. The following conditions are in force.

A received press card is always personal and is intended only for press cases and therefore not for special (early) access to the event, guaranteed seats, actors / actresses / etc rows, or even free access to events requiring an additional ticket.

Filling out the fields does not equal receiving a press card, as accreditation will still follow. There will be a timely response, with further information being sent at the time of approval.

Each press card is personal, so if a team wants to request a press card, each team member will have to apply separately.

A press card is non-transferable so also not for (re)sale. If this is discovered, future applications will be refused.