In recent years, poverty has increased in the Netherlands. Despite the government’s actions, sometimes it is not felt at all, with too many personal and outrageous examples to show for.

It is not always natural, for example, to have a roof above ones head or even have a hot meal or to go on holiday. The gap between poor and rich is becoming increasingly clear. The organizers of Heroesdome are consciously involved in various projects in our region and abroad. We regularly ask ourselves the question “What is really happening in our society?”.

Heroesdome B.V. supports people – and their projects – who are committed to society. These projects often seem to be projects that are increasingly less supported by government, locally or nationally.

Our society is changing. Participating is the motto of the Stadskamer Foundation. People are looking for structure, a meaningful occupation and maintaining and / or acquiring social contacts. Stadskamer Foundation is an innovative facility for daytime work-activities for everyone within the Achterhoek. A concept that would work well all over the Netherlands. Heroesdome B.V. supports Stichting Stadskamer to realize their ideals and goals as much as possible. More information about the foundation can be found on their website.

Foundation “Chair-Project The Dove” in Arnhem (hometown to Heroesdome) is one such project. At this overnight shelter for homeless people with a low threshold admission, volunteers are taking care for people who can not afford anything else. Anyone who is in need may enter “The Dove”, provided that there are sufficient sleeping places.

Heroesdome helps Foundation “Chair-Project The Dove“, with mainly special support; practical solutions and support in the basic needs of these people. Thus, some of the profits from our event will be awarded to those who need it most. Foundation “Chair-Project The Dove” operates according to a stipulated scheme ‘Bed-Bread-Bath’. More information about the foundation can be found on their website¬†website.

In addition to this project, Heroesdome B.V. also support the “Hero Initiative“, the first non-profit organization that lends cartoonists and comic writers a helping hand. Think of costs for a lawyer, a medical treatment or other aspects to improve the quality of life.

With this humanitarian idea in mind, Heroesdome B.V. wants to deliver a contribution!

We will therefore also try to extend the potential charities for whom we can make a real contribution in the run-up to our first event.